Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Top 10 Ways To Increase Your Web Traffic

Don't you just hate those days where you only get 5 hits? Well with these tips, you are guaranteed a huge increase in traffic.

10. Cell Phone Bluetooth:

Change your cell phone Bluetooth user name to your url.
People always use the bluetooth search option on on their phone.


Make a Myspace page based on your site. For example: If you have a site titled, then make a myspace page titled and have some of your information on the page. Collect alot of friends and then post a bulletin telling them to go to your site, or tell them that a new blog has been posted.

8. Currency

Put your domain name on money, remember the whole

7. Youtube

Next time you post a video on
Youtube, have your domain name show up before the video starts.

6. Set your routers name to your website

If you have a wireless router in your home, set the name as your domain. So that next time your nosy neighbor tries to steal your internet connection, they will see your domain name.

5. Mess with other computers

Next Time you go to Best Buy or Circuit City, change the home page on all of their computers to your website. Also do this at School/College.

4. Local News

Its not everyday you have the opportunity to do this. Next time you see your local news station doing a story, get behind the news reporter with a poster board with your domain name on it. A friend of mine tried this and he got a ton of hits.

3. Post It

Here is a technique that a friend taught me. Write your domain name on a stack of po
st it's, then go around and stick them in restrooms, stores, people's doors, etc.

2. Online User Name

If you play games like Halo or SOCOM, then change your user name to your domain name. If you are playing hundreds of people everyday, then your bound to get some hits.

1. Stumbleupon

Ah yes, the almighty Stumble. If you don't have this add on then get it fast. How does this work?
Well, you go to your website and give it a thumbs up, it is added to the database and then a few others see it, if they give it a thumbs up then your in business. Also use sites like or to get even more hits.